Weight Loss is More Than Just a Physical Transformation

Gulf Coast Healthy Living Magazine Volume 7, Issue 1 - Baptist Health Care - Weight Loss

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Look in the mirror. What does your reflection show? For Jennifer Campbell, Chontel Baillie and Ty Williams, they now see confident smiles. In addition, they see healthier bodies, half the size that was previously there. These individuals went to Baptist Weight-Loss Center to each begin a weight-loss journey but their end results are more than just a physical transformation.


At age 16, Jennifer Campbell tried her first weight-loss program. She then spent years of losing weight and then gaining it back. After experiencing extreme low energy and having high blood pressure, Campbell sought help from the Baptist Weight-Loss Center.

Campbell chose to have bariatric surgery the day before her 57th birthday. Campbell went from 330 to 165 pounds, a size 26-28 women’s to a size 14 in misses. Her health is better and she has gained self-confidence and a more positive outlook.

“I don’t hurt when I walk anymore, and I’m completely off my blood pressure medicine,” said Campbell. “I can now walk into any store and not worry about the larger sizes being available. I’m happier with myself and my accomplishments.”


After spending half her life taking care of others, Chontel Baillie’s body began to fail her at age 48. She had always been overweight but now had high blood pressure and sleep apnea. Baillie also suffered from a degenerative disease that caused her vision loss. After a cornea transplant operation and restored sight, Baillie became determined to put her health first.

“God was giving me a chance to get my life back, so I became determined to get my body back,” said Baillie. “After all, there would be no point putting these working eyes in a body that would fail them.”

She met with the Baptist Weight-Loss Center team and chose bariatric surgery. Within two weeks of the procedure, Baillie was walking up to three miles per day.

Baillie went from being 385 pounds to now maintaining her weight at 169 pounds. She credits the Baptist Weight-Loss Center caregiving team for giving her the right tools to start her weight loss journey but said the rest was up to her.


Weight loss is not just a journey for women. By the time Ty Williams was 45 years old, his health had rapidly declined with high blood pressure, sleep apnea, high cholesterol and an all-time high weight. Unhealthy habits had long been a part of Williams’ culture growing up in Huntington, West Virginia, known as being one of the “fattest American cities.”

At the recommendation of his primary care physician, Williams met with The Baptist Weight-Loss Center team.

Williams had bariatric surgery and returned to work three weeks later. He went from a size 42 to 30 pants and lost 105 pounds. Less than a year after surgery, Williams stopped using his sleep apnea machine and all pills for his former health problems.

“I didn’t need them anymore,” said Williams. “I feel fantastic. Before my surgery, I would lie around and want to sleep. Now I stay active.”

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