Beyond The Brain

Gulf Coast Healthy Living Magazine Volume 7, Issue 2 - Baptist Hosptial - Neuroscience

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Neurosurgeons Help with Back, Bone, Neck, Nerve and Spine Health

Sudden pain radiates down the leg or arm. Muscles in your body tense or become weaker, causing loss in mobility. You become clumsier or perhaps even lose fine motor skills. These are all reasons you may want to consider seeing a neurosurgeon.

When we hear the term “neuro,” most of us automatically think of brain or cranial disorders. Baptist Medical Group – Neurosurgery specializes in a wide variety of neurological conditions. They see patients with problems ranging from brain tumors, head injury, back and neck pain, vascular issues of head and neck, cancer, spine health, chronic pain and more.

Neurosurgeons like Evan Lewis, M.D., at Baptist Medical Group – Neurosurgery see patients who suffer with aging conditions like spinal stenosis and sciatica. Dr. Lewis also treats people with more serious conditions such as neurologic trauma and brain tumors.

“I became a neurosurgeon because I felt a calling to help people improve their health and quality of life while dealing with complex medical conditions,” said Dr. Lewis. “It is rewarding to provide a positive outcome to my patients despite health adversities.”

Baptist Medical Group – Neurosurgery takes a team approach and works closely with a patient’s primary care physician and other specialists to learn the medical history and treat the whole individual. They also partner with Andrews Institute Rehabilitation to refer patients for physical therapy treatment.

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